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Monday, December 2, 2013

Being Thankful

   I have been doing a lot of thinking these past few days.  I have also been watching around me and noticing the amount of time people spend on social media sites. Myself included. I found my son coming up with me almost irritated just trying to get any little bit of my attention. And there I was, just scrolling through Facebook saying, "Just one second, Carson." Wait, What? That shouldn't be happening. This little young boy should not be trying so hard just for me to listen to him tell me something. So, that was the day I decided I need to leave these social media sites alone for awhile. Here my blog comes into play. I can post on here once a day and for all that love to keep up with our little family, you can come on here. That way, I get my time with my kids and won't be missing anything.

   These last 4 days have been awesome! I got to spend all 4 of them with my family. I love when Aaron is home and wrestling around with the boys. I love when he gets to witness Carson playing with Hudson. I am so thankful that our boys truly love each other. On the way home from Fargo on Saturday, Hudson started crying in the back of papa's pickup (we borrowed it so we could get supplies to finally finish our closet) and Carson turns to him and says, "Oh Hudson", and grabs his hand and just holds it. Hudson stopped crying. I turned back and wanted to cry. He had to have learned this from us. He is watching the way Aaron and I react to each other and our children. This is how I have dreamt that my children would be. and for this, I am thankful.

   But I have been doing some thinking about our house, too. And I know my husband will hate to hear this. I have been thinking about living here forever. Or plan on living here for a long time. So why not start making it our dream home. The home that our children will be excited to bring their friends over to. The home that we wake up on the weekends and run to the table and eat breakfast as a family together. The home that is, well, a home. Not a house. A warm, comfortable home. So I was looking up ideas for paneling. We have paneling in our kitchen and living room. I do not want to remove it because that would be a pain. So I want to go with gray. Like this .  And white trim. I would love to slowly put up crown molding. It is expensive, so I was thinking one room at a time. I have a lot more ideas for the house along with an addition of two more bedrooms. Those will be discussed later. But, little Hudson has woken up from his nap so I must attend to his needs now! Until tomorrow....

pss... Here is a picture I took of Carson today to try and get a good one for our Christmas cards (: