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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Carson's new pad~

A long long time ago, as in before we bought this house, my father in law John and my oh so awesome husband Aaron, decided to check out the spare bedroom of the house and saw a little piece of the wall sticking out. The first thing that came to their wonderful minds was to rip it up and see what it was...Well folks, it was 5 layers of wonderful wallpaper! And not the "oh that's kind of pretty" wallpaper. It was the 1950's little people dancing around in the garden wallpaper. At least one layer was! So Introducing....the mess...

We decided that we wanted to move Carson into this room because his set up was just kind of weird. The only way you can get to his room is through the bathroom. So anyone that used that bathroom had to flush and pray he wouldn't wake up. Not a fan of that. So we bought some paint and were hoping to just paint over the little wallpaper there was..til i started to pull on a piece that was pulling up. Oops.

So now what sir? Well we found that at one point they must have had a window in the wall on the first wall picture I showed you. So there was no just sanding and priming. We had to take out that whole wall and replace it with some sheet rock. I remind you, we only had one week til Carson's Birthday Party and my friend coming to stay, in the spare bedroom. So we had to get this done! Well, we did it! So here is Carson's new bedroom!

We are not exactly done with the room yet. The built in shelves I still have to paint the trim white and I am painting the inside...drum roll!! Along with the inside of the closet! We are going to paint orange stripes in the room as well. The color kind of looks blue in the picture but its really a grey color. Aaron put all new carpet in the room himself and did all the sheet rock, taping and mudding himself also. We have a few little things left also like to finish the trim in certain place and getting a light switch cover and putting trim around the window. But its livable and Carson loves his new room! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meet the Family!

Well I would love for you to meet our little family and what a better way to do it then on the Kappes Blog!! So ladies and gentleman, without further ado, I give you the Kappes Family!

This is our little family the summer of 2011. We were getting ready to go to the Minnesota Twins game. We are huge fans so we try to get to a lot of regular season games throughout the summer. Carson got to stay home with his grandparents that day while we watched the Twins more then likely lose win the game! Go Twins!

This is Aaron Kappes. He Loves baseball and really sports in general. He is a pitcher and center fielder.  His brother Andy and him created an amateur baseball team last summer called the Fertile Bees.  Everyone needs to get out and watch one of their games this summer! They need all the fans they can get.  Anywhoo...Aaron is 24 years old and from Ada, MN. Yes, that is the very first town in the alphabet in Minnesota.  He was born and raised here, literally. He was one of the last babies born in Ada.  He graduated high school and went to NDSCS for welding where he now works for Trail King in West Fargo.  He is the lead welder with his brother being his supervisor. He loves to spend time with Carson and make him laugh. Aaron is a hardworking, family oriented guy who will do anything for any body. 

This is me and my best friend Katie. I am on the right. I love to spend time with my family, blog and especially take pictures! I love to photograph anything! Check out some of my work here .  I am an out doors kind of girl. I like to watch baseball and be in the lake. I love fishing and boating and have been spending my nice days planting my garden this summer! You will usually find me either making something myself or finding more ways to save money!  I am all about DIYing and am willing to share it with everyone else.  I am from Miltona, MN and graduated high school in Parkers Prairie.  I went to school at Josef's School of Hair Design . I currently work at Bank of the West and love my job! I would love to open my own daycare one day but who knows! Well that's me in a nutshell!

Carson Aaron is 1 year old today (as you read in an older post today).  He loves spending time with his mommy and daddy and loves being outside.  His favorite toy is his John Deere tractor! He loves puppies and eating! Carson is the best son we could ever ask for and is so loving towards his family. I can't wait for another year full of joy and happiness with this little peanut!

This is Chassis Kappes! She is 3 years old now but this is when we got her.  She loves treats and dancing.  She loves to play catch and guard the house during the day.  She is a great watch dog and friend to us all! She sleeps with us every night and loves to play with other dogs!

Room Remodel

Well, I got sick of the brown in our room and I really wanted a room that we could go into and feel comfortable.  I didn't get that feeling with ours.  It was getting there but I didn't get that wow feeling. So I thought I would try a new color. For some reason I LOVE yellow black and grey together. I saw this color scheme together and fell head over heals for it.

I wanted to be able to feel like when I got home from work, this is exactly where I wanted to go to relax. Brown was just to dark for me. So here is our room before..

It was even filled with our old box t.v. (which is for sale by the way!!, need to get rid of it) and Carson's stuff from when he wasn't sleeping through the night! With a little paint and clean up, this is the after...

Aaron and I made the Mr. and Mrs. signs out of old barn wood! If you would like any signs let us know and we can make some for you as well! The black chair sitting there is the one sitting outside in this picture....

I just re-painted it and put new fabric on the seat and Wall-Ah! I Also found an old wooden ladder and repainted it white so i can hang blankets on it! We bought some old wooden side tables as well and re-painted them yellow to go with our room!
 I am really starting to Love this room. Next on the list it to redo the ceiling and put new sheet rock up. Then new carpet and I think our room Might be complete! Fingers Crossed...

Well, it has been a very long time since i have wrote on here on account that we did not have Internet. And, well, WE HAVE IT BABY! So I should be keeping up with this almost daily. I have had a lot of people asking me about when i would write my next post so here it goes! First of all, i would like to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son who is now the big 1!
We had such a great birthday celebration this weekend! The first birthday party was at the Kappes Casa! It was a Minnesota Twins themed party since we are obsessed with them, Carson is forced to be as well!
Our great friend Katie came from Montana and she helped me slave over a hot stove to get these cupcakes done just in time!!
Lots of family came to watch Carson eat his cake and open presents!! Our next stop was my parents house for his 2nd 1st birthday party :) He had a cars theme at this one!
He also had lots of friends and family at this party.  For everyone that doesn't know this already, Carson has an obsession for wheels. Whether it be a tire or a steering wheel. He loves touching them, moving them, or turning them. So needless to say, he loved my family's new side by side!
Carson got a smash cake at both parties. The first party he just dipped his finger in it so gently and slowly started grabbing at it. The second party, he knew what to do and just started digging in! It made for many laughs! He is to precious!

We couldn't ask for a better little man! He makes us laugh every day and to see his personality grow each and every day makes our lives complete! We love him with all we have and would give him the world 10 times over if we could!!