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Monday, December 9, 2013


   For everyone that knows me, they know I have a little bit of an obsession. I LOVE chevron. I do not care if it is going to go out of style one day. Right now, it's in and I will run around my house and scream it, "I LOVE CHEVRON". Okay, it isn't that bad. But it is slowly taking over Carson's bedroom. I tried to sew him a grey chevron blanket for his bed. Well, when you try and sew fleece, it mats all the thread. So, I tried to hand sew the blanket and made it approximately 7 inches down and really got sick of pulling and knotting and pulling and knotting. So I put the blanket on his bed unfinished. But, I also have an obsession for new comforters. My husband can tell you all about this. It annoys him. I like to mix up our décor and I like to rearrange our furniture often. As well as change our comforters. I have probably gone through at least 10 in the last 3 years. A little crazy, I know. Currently, we are sporting a chevron comforter that my husband bought for me for my birthday. Here is a little collage of what our bedroom looked like when we moved in, after we painted and after our remodel. We still are working on it but it is livable!

I can not believe that we picked brown for our room originally. When we first moved in, it was pink with little bear wallpaper trim. The wood paneling on the lower half of the wall was the original brown wood. Not pretty. There was a ledge around the whole room and when we demoed the whole room, we found out why. The original owner hand dug this room out of the ground so inside that ledge was actually dirt from the ground along with some plastic and concrete just poured  down there. So we covered up the ledge with a wall and insulation of course. We kept the ledge under the window because that would have been major reconstruction with the window there. We also got rid of the nasty ceiling tiles. I complained every single night about how disgusting they were and how I felt little spiders were always coming out of the holes and biting me in my sleep. The carpet that was downstairs was reused from the living room once we ripped it out of there. Now, we have fresh new carpet and its wonderful. We also ran into a few mold issues that I couldn't be happier about getting rid of. This room will be our guest room as soon as we start the add on to our house. So, we are making it relaxing for guests but not up to our standards for what we would want in our bedroom.
This is just a shot of what our carpet looks like in the room. Our closet is currently being sheet rocked and mudded so that is why I have a pile of clothes on the dresser. We also need trim and some décor on the walls! As for my chevron purchase of the week!! It would be this beauty!!
Carson's new chevron comforter! Ohh, I love it. I love it so much, I almost wish it were mine! It's great and he loved the orange so much! It goes with the chevron curtains I made him and also the orange chevron runner I have on his cubby stand that you cant see here. I also made that blue chevron pillow case behind his orange pillow! Oh, so crafty! Ha ha. I will follow up a post about the Santa visit shortly! Until then...