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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bathroom, Phase 1

Our bathroom was gross. And that is an understatement. I took out the bathroom mirror because I thought it would look perfect in Hudson's room. Taking that mirror out led us to a hole in the wall from our previous cabinet that had an electrical cord attached to it and went into the wall. I also started taking paneling off one day in hopes of just patching up a few holes and painting over our nasty brown, hair sprayed cover walls. Instead, we ripped off the paneling to find out that it was glued on many many years ago and now the glue was there to stay. I tried to sand paper it off and that did zero justice. So we were stuck with an ugly bathroom until Aaron had time to fix it.
This was before we had removed that piece of paneling and after I had already started painting the ceiling and top section of the wall. After ripping out the paneling, we ripped up the flooring. Aaron was busy putting in the new linoleum flooring that we had spotted at Menards awhile back.
I loved this flooring and could already feel the bathroom getting a little more cozier. We went and picked up some paneling from Menards as well. We wanted to go high enough so we didn't have to patch all the holes. This may sound pretty lazy, but next spring we plan on gutting the whole bathroom and Hudson's bedroom for a complete remodel which would leave our bathroom about twice as big and the other part a laundry room. Oh how I would give anything for a laundry room on the same floor!! But until then, we are just doing what we call "Phase 1" until we get a few other things figured out.
I think the shower that I hated prior to our Phase 1 fits in a little better with the white paneling.

So fresh and so Clean ((:

The mirror was made by my and husband's company called
Kappes Concepts . Aaron and his brother Andy created it and make customer furniture and home d├ęcor. Make sure to like their page for an amazing upcoming giveaway!! But that is our Phase 1 bathroom update in a nutshell. Sorry I have not been posting on here. For some reason, my page wasn't running correctly. I think I have it all figured out now though. So until next time....