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Monday, April 28, 2014

Kappes Concepts

Aaron has picked up wood working in the last couple years just from DIYing our house. He has done so great with learning how to do electrical, piping and doing general maintenance around our house. Between him and his dad, we have saved thousands and thousands of dollars learning to do it ourselves. I am so proud of the things he has accomplished. He is at a great spot at his work right now and has only been there for a short period of time. After building a little toy chest for Carson, he thought, maybe I could start building things for people and selling them. Things never really went anywhere with that though. But he continued to build things for me and saw an interest online from friends and family.

It started out with a pull-out drawer he made me after we went looking at Menard's for one. The exact same one was $60+ dollars. All depending on what size you wanted. He built this one for me for $15.00. When comments were coming in about how people wanted one and how great it was, he thought he could do bigger things. So from there he just started building things.
Next was a set of night stands for our bedroom. This was the first thing I have ever stained and I loved it! One night, Andy text him and talked about starting a company. With their welding and wood-working experience, these two boys could create endless possibilities. Metal and wood is so huge right now. It is beautiful together. Ideas were really starting to flow with the boys.
Their creations were beautiful. And lucky me, got to showcase them in our house. From candle holders to tables. From seating benches to storage. They can custom build anything you want! Andy started taking some blacksmith workshops and has learned to do something pretty incredible things with metal.

This was their latest piece for a customer. They sent a picture of something they had in mind and the boys did it. It turned out beautiful and such great quality. I think that may be the problem now a days though. I honestly feel that the public is looking for "cheap". Something that will just suit their needs for the time being and may break in a week or a year. You never know with some of the items you purchase for cheap. With their products, you get high quality. Something that will last years and years. And whatever you want! They literally will custom make you everything from the color of wood you would like to the style of hooks. Widths, heights and lengths.
If you are looking for a high quality piece of furniture, storage or decor, get a hold of these two boys. They would be glad to help you out with anything you may need. They are doing a pretty special project right now and plan on a big Giveaway piece coming up! So don't forget to like their page for all the details to get yourself entered! And if you are in need of a custom piece, give them a call at 701-412-3077.