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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tackle Tackle Tackle Tack Tack Tack...

  Just a little Replacements movie quote. I have decided to tackle my house. And I don't mean that in football terms. I mean that in organizing terms. We have all been there, when someone enters our house and we quickly try and pick up little things (or a lot of things) that are laying all over the house. Or knowing someone will be over in 5 minutes and we do the best cleaning job of our lives. Well, I have decided that I don't want to live like that. I want random guests to drop by for a visit and not have to worry about the mess our house has created. I have been teaching my 2 year old how to pick up and put away his toys when he is done with them. I scrounged up a bunch of bins and labeled them "balls" "blocks" "trucks" "puzzles" etc.. I have been teaching him to put them in the correct bins. I will eventually have a better more organized way of this but for now, it keeps the toys out of the living room.

   But I have been trying to follow a plan to organize my whole house. And I have started with my kitchen. Yesterday, I began the "plan".  And here it goes;

1. Put away everything on your counter that you do not use on a daily basis.
Oh man, this did wonders. My kitchen looks bigger and makes me want to spread all my baking ingredients on the kitchen counter and bake until my Kitchenaid won't spin anymore. I love it. And I have also decided that I will use my dishwasher less and wash each dish as they have been used. Keeps my sink clean and I won't have to worry if someone comes over, to try and keep them away from the kitchen so they don't seem my pile of nasty dirty dishes sitting in the sink. And they start to smell bad after awhile, so it really should be done. Here are a few pictures of my kitchen after deep cleaning the counters off yesterday.

Clear everything off of your fridge. It looks more presentable and clean.

I like to keep my Kitchenaid out though, because, well, it's pretty!
I keep my dish soap under the sink and just keep out my Honest hand soap and lotion.

I hope to get some organizing bins this weekend to clean out the cupboards next. I will post as soon as I get my equipment! On to the next project. Until tomorrow...