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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Home Made Suds..

Here is the post you have been waiting for! I have made my own laundry soap! No more paying up the wazoo for laundry soap!
You will need a box of borax which is around $2.00 in the laundry isle.
You will also need a large box of Washing Soda. It is not the same as baking soda. This was also about $2.00 a box.

And finally you will need a washing soap. I decided to go with Fels Naptha. This was less then a dollar in the laundry section. All you need are these three ingredients, plus water :)

First you take 6 cups of water and poor it into a pan. You should grate up 1/3 of the bar of soap (The Fels Naptha) but i just cut it into chunks. That is all of the the washing soap you need for this much laundry soap. So wrap it up and save it for the next batch!
Next you pour a 1/2 cup of borax into the pan and a 1/2 cup of the washing soda and stir it until it is dissolved.
This is what it should look like when all dissolved.
Next you pour the soap mixture into at least a 2 gallon bucket. I used a 5 gallon bucket though.

Then you pour in 4 cups of water and mix. Then you add one gallon of water plus 6 more cups and mix well. You let this mixture sit for 24 hours and it will turn into a gel type substance! And TaDa! You have home made laundry soap! You only need to use 1/2 cup per load. Happy Cleaning!  

Mason Time.

Here are a few more things i decided to do with my mason jars!
This is our new table runner and center decor! I cut a strip of burlap and used that has a table runner. I placed some mason jars on the table and stuck my flowers from my wedding with the vase they were in, into a mason jar! And those are our wedding flutes we had as well.

I also made a little date jar for Aaron and I. We are always trying to think of ideas so I decided to think of 50 ideas and fold the paper and wrote on the back if we had to go to Fargo for the date, a summer date or an anytime date. I was pretty stoked for this and can't wait to use it!
I also just used them for decorations around the house.
There are a few of our mason jar uses. I am going to attempt to die the jars a blue color next. We also used some jars to hold cotton balls and Q tips in the bathroom!

Wine bottle MADNESS!

So I have been trying to collect wine bottles and my sister pulled through for me and got me like 10! So I have been doing projects hehehe!
Then decided to just try getting the labels off with warm water and it worked pretty swell. They actually just kind of peeled off!
TaDa! Now it's time to paint! I picked up some chalkboard spray paint from Menards. And I LOVE IT. It dries so smoothly and quickly.

This is what the bottle looks like after we painted.  I am going to get some chalk and write Faith Hope and Love on the bottles but of course I forgot a final display picture so I will update that soon!


New Door!

We finally went looking for a door for our guest bedroom! We went to Menards first and found the perfect door for our house! AND it was on clearance! This door was only $65 regular $160. Here is a before shot of the room that had no door.
Here Aaron had to make the door opening larger and he cut chunks of blocks to fit the inside of the door.

Here is a closed shot.

And the finished project with the trim! Good job boss :)

Saving moneys...(:

Just a short little note...we decided to switch our light bulbs to the energy saving light bulbs!!

We went from a total of 300watts to 65watts in usage for our kitchen light. There are 5 bulbs in just that one light fixture! I totally recommend these for everyone!
And here is just one of our many money saving tips :)