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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our To-Do List

I like to make lists. For everything. I like to be able to see everything written down and in order of what I am going to do and what has already been done. I feel like I have actually accomplished something as I get to cross off each item I have listed. So knowing that, you better believe I made a list of things to get done for our house. And this isn't little things like washing dishes and doing the laundry. It is bigger items that would probably require my husband's assistance. So here they are.

  • We are contemplating the ceiling right now. We are thinking about actually wallpapering it a bead board pattern. Either way, it needs to be fixed and painted or wallpapered.
  • Finish the toe kick ( you can't see it in the picture)
  • Finish putting up trim as soon as the ceiling is done
  • End cap counter
  • Organize some of the cupboards with built ins
Stairs Wall

  • Cut the wall in half and open up the stairs. Build a ledge on top. I want the ledge high enough so kids can not climb on top and fall. We were thinking right above the light switch.
Desk Area


  •  I thought having a desk in this little area would be great with me having my business at home. As you can see, it's not. It collects junk and I hate junk collectors. So this will be a pantry. I am thinking something like this .
  • Finish trim 
  • Add a door where the window is so it will lead to our patio.
  • Take out basement door when we cut the wall in half.

Dining Room

  • Paint the walls gray
  • make a valance to cover the curtain rod.
  • Aaron is going to make us a new farm table for our dining table.
Front Entrance

  • Replace door with a new one and a much smaller window. I hate feeling like someone is looking at me at night. I also hate curtains on windows and I need that to not feel like I am being watched. A door like this would be awesome. Little or no window. We don't ever use this door but maybe we will start later down the road.
  • paint walls gray
  • turn closet into a more functional closet. Lots of storage space
  • Have Kappes Concepts build me a nice storage bench for where the cubby storage is now.
 Living Room
  • Paint walls gray.
  • Possibly get lighter furniture and move this furniture downstairs.
  • New windows
  • Update fireplace surround. Maybe do some sort of built in like this.
  • Build a breakfast bar where the window is into the kitchen. Add a few bar stools and eliminate one of the couches for space.
Small Hallway

  • Hang a picture of Hudson. :/ I have one, just haven't bought a frame for it yet.
  • Add door for going upstairs.
  • Paint walls gray
  • Create a new growth chart to hang up
  • Organize pictures on other side and maybe make into a whole picture wall
Carson's Room

  • Move Carson upstairs and this would be strictly a guest/toy room.
  • Create a wall full of built ins to store toys and movies in
  • Re-Sheetrock the walls and update electric.
  • Paint the Revere Pewter color by Benjamin Moore. Here.
  • trim
  • knockout Hudson's closet (which is on the other side of Carson's) and make a deeper closet for more storage.
  • Add closet doors
Side of House

  • Create a little mudroom where the entry door is.
  • Put new siding on. We are thinking this color.
  • Build a storage Area for a couple garbage cans so they don't blow away in the wind.
  • Take our concrete on side of house and add grass there
  • Paint foundation or maybe get a stone paneling to cover it. Something like this.

Front Yard 
  • Side house this color.
  • Remove large tree in front of the yard. (It just covers the whole house and takes up a lot of the yard)
  • Add pillars and a better entrance to the front of the house like this one.
  • New Front Door
  • Change the steps to come down in front of the door instead of sideways and add a landing to have a nice little porch. Right now the steps cover half of the window in our bedroom.
  • Add a wrap around porch like this one .
  • Plant some sort of plant/flowers in the front mulch bed.
  • Make a brick mailbox like this 
  • Level out our lawn and add grass.

  • Add a two stall garage with a room on top for Aaron's "man cave". He calls it his man mountain. This would eliminate loud noises from games and friends coming over from the basement.
  • hopefully purchase the lot right next to ours to add a double garage

 Back Yard
  • Excuse me while I barf. We still haven't fixed our gutters from when the tree landed on our house. That will be fixed this summer, for sure!!
  • Side the house
  • New windows upstairs
  • Connect the roof lines so they meet each other which would make either another room upstairs or an open tall ceiling in our entrance/dining room. I am leaning towards a tall ceiling. (Kind of a dream of mine)
  • Create a patio where Oakley's kennel is right now.
  • Make the window on the farthest right into a door that would lead out to the patio.
  • Create some storage for the boys toys.
The "Man cave"

  • Create a small hallway between this room and our room and make this into a bedroom. What is the bar right now, would be a closet. And where the jerseys are hanging would be an egress window.
  • Sheetrock/ Mud/ Paint
  • Add hallway
  • Move into this room.
Bathroom Upstairs
  • This wall where the door is will be knocked out. The bathroom will be twice as big as it will be using half of Hudson's room. The other part of Hudson's room will be our laundry room! Both boys will be moved to the two upstairs bedrooms.
  • Shower will stay where it is but be a tiled walk in shower with no doors.
  • Toilet will stay but we will add a double sink on the window side of the wall.
  • Tile bathroom with possible in floor heat and do something fun with the walls. ( still undecided)
  • Laundry room will look something like this. Actually nothing really like that, but I just wanted to find a laundry room with lots of storage space. And this was the closest I could find.
Pictures I didn't add were the upstairs bedrooms because I can't even make my way up there to take a picture. Pretty sad, I know. But those two bedrooms would be gutted, new electric, new windows, new walls and paint and new flooring. There is an unfinished little closet area up there that we would make into a small bathroom with just a toilet and sink for the boys when they have to go to the bathroom. The steps are kind of steep so we wouldn't want them coming downstairs in the middle of the night to go.
Well, that is our to-do list as of right now. I am sure there will be many things that we change but I will continue to blog about everything that we are doing to the house!!! Until next time....