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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wrong Number

Things have began to spiral down lately. And apparently it isn't just me. So much negativity has been reaching people's lives through the Facebook world. I have heard from so many people that You shouldn't eat this or you shouldn't eat that. THIS is what's good for you. THIS is what will make you live the longest. Oh man. It's a tough judgmental world we live in. You can't look at Facebook for more than 5 minutes without seeing someone post something about working out/ eating better. And you know what, I am happy for you!

I am so incredibly proud of everyone that has changed their life around to better themselves. There is nothing wrong with eating healthy and working out. I try my best to do both of those things. But the thing is, some people are trying really hard. And if someone has stopped drinking pop and is now only drinking juice and you have to lecture them that that isn't good for you either, you my friend, are missing the point. They are TRYING. And they might not be up to par with where you are in life, they are trying to better themselves. They are learning and instead of discouraging them from what they are doing, try praising them that they are doing great!

I witnessed a very childish fight a couple weekends ago. A tall skinny drunk man looked down on someone very very important to me and said "Hey fat boy, come here." It made me cry. Because what this man didn't know was this "fat boy" he was referring to, has changed his life around more than he would have ever known. He is on a diet and has actually dropped 25 pounds. It is cruel things like that that make people so judgmental. You may have no idea what someone is going through in life. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

For me, my life has been a constant struggle with negativity. I have had more women come up to me and ask me if I have been eating, that they hate me for how skinny I am, what's my secret and so on. What these women don't know is that I have been to a doctor to find out how to actually gain weight. I have no secrets. I dropped the 25 pounds I gained from being pregnant in about a month probably from running after a 2 year old and trying to get everything done around the house. That's it really. Do I watch what I eat? Well if that means how many Reese's I just shoved down my throat, than yeah, I do watch what I eat. I am the one cooking it, I probably have a pretty good idea. Will it catch up with me? Probably, but I am not going to let myself get to that point. I have issues to why I am not working out and quite frankly, that's up to me and not you. I do not have to explain to you why I am not working out. And I also don't want you to judge me for eating that donut I had yesterday.

I saw on a blog I follow something pretty neat that just kind of touched me. Not literally, but I needed it, especially today. And I decided I wanted to do it. And I did. I text 10 made up numbers with area codes from here and Alexandria and I told them "I think that you are an incredibly amazing person. I Hope that you have a great rest of the day((:" I loved it. I was getting replies back saying "Thank you so Much. But who is this?". I didn't respond back. I just wanted to try and brighten someone's day who may have needed it. Because who knows what they may be going through. What if today was their last day of chemo and I just made them feel wonderful about themselves? What if they just lost someone very important to them and this may have just put a tiny grin on their face?

The point of my whole post today is, be kind. Be happy for people. It is so easy to get caught up in jealousy and start bashing someone because you think it makes you feel better about yourself. It doesn't. It is really going to make you feel like a really horrible person afterwards and you just shot someone else down for it. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. But this time, one of those birds is you. Challenge yourself to go out of your way to say something wonderful about someone. Try and make someone Else's day. Try and encourage people to continue to do what they are doing. Stay beautiful to yourself, you deserve it. Honestly, stop worrying about other peoples lives and worry about yourself. Telling someone they look nice today will make you and the other person feel great. And just think about you would feel if someone came up and told you those exact same things. And from experience, never tell a skinny women she is to skinny. Just like never tell a larger women she is to large. Smile more. Laugh more. Life is as great as you make it.