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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oh, hello eyelids...

  Terrible night of sleep last night. My eyes finally met my heavy eyelids around 6:00 this morning. Which my alarm goes off at 7:00. Needless to say, I didn't want to get up. Every morning, my alarm goes off and I roll over, think about hitting snooze, but don't. I feel the urge to just shut my eyes for 5 more minutes but resist because I know that 5 minutes would turn into an hour and then I would have a few upset parents knocking on my door to watch their kids and I would just be catching up on some much needed Zzz's. But most of us are all very tired until we get up, brush our teeth, shower and get moving. Then are 7 hours of well deserved rest starts to catch up to us and we are fine. Which is why I have decided to get up with my husband. He gets up around 4:15 everyday to go to work. That would give me 3 extra hours everyday to get things done. I could have all of our laundry done by the time the children woke up. And hopefully I can get in some good work out time.

  We are supposed to be getting a pretty bad storm tonight. Things like this scare me because my husband drives to and from Fargo everyday and I worry a lot about him getting into an accident. It's just part of me. I worry about a lot of things. Many things that most people do not know about me. I will sit up until wee hours of the morning worrying that I have cancer. Any little ache I have in my body, I start to think about kind of cancer it might be. It literally takes over my life. I have seen a doctor about it and their suggestion was anti-depressant medicine. Well, if you know one thing about me it's probably that I hate taking medicine. Especially if I can control it myself, like a headache, it will go away. Rest and a neck massage do wonders. Stomach ache can be taken care of with crackers and some sprite. I just don't like to add things to my body that should not be there. That is one of them. So I have been trying really hard to not worry anymore. It's working!

  But finally, I have ordered my Christmas cards!! If anyone would like to get a seasons greeting from our family, just let me know and I will be sure to get one out to you!! I also am going to attach a picture I took today of my two nephews. They are pretty cute (: Until Tomorrow....

This is Joe and Jensen. They are pretty awesome