We found each other, We fell in love with each other, And together we can be strong through everything and anything.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Well, Here it is.

   So, is has been a really long time since I have last posted. I have been very busy with life. Very busy cleaning, cooking, wiping dirty butts. Yes, I stay at home now with my boys. And not just my boys. My two boys, my two nephews and our dearest friend's little girl Marley. I am blessed. I am blessed to watch these crazy, loud, eating, pooping machines. I get to stay at home and watch my children grow. I will no longer miss those first moments of life that we all cherish so much.

  But lately, I have been doing a lot of thinking. I think about how blessed we really are. To have two healthy children. These two babies of ours, rely on us for everything. They rely on us to breathe. To eat. To sleep. To live. We are here to teach them the ways of life. How to love and be loved back. How to live healthy and learn as we go. We make mistakes. We screw up from time to time. This is a huge job and it is on top of every other job we have. Sometimes I start to think about everyone who wants that job and can not have it. It makes me cringe inside that these two children came from something that people do every day. Two people loving each other or simply having a little more fun that night. Either way, we should all feel a little more blessed with the simple things in life that others may wish they could have.

  We struggle. Well, we all struggle a lot. Aaron and I were talking about money one night. He went to the gas station to pick up milk and probably Oreos (we have an obsession with these), and there was a nice fella standing in line to pay for his little treats he had. He was probably in his late thirties, early forties and was wearing some sweats and had a stocking cap on because it was chilly outside.   He had a special k bar, some chips and a couple other things. He went to pay for it and came up $1.35 to short. He started scrounging through his pockets to gather every piece of change that he could find. There wasn't enough. He put the special K bar back. Aaron dug in his pocket and threw a couple bucks on the counter. The guy looked over at Aaron and with pure excitement said Thanks! The man then proceeded to walk out of the gas station and instead of jumping into a car to go home, walked. Walked in the bitter cold weather all the way home. Aaron came home and told me this story. Of course, I began to tear up a bit but it then hit me. There are so many more people worst off than what we are. What do we have to complain about. We own a house, and keep it heated. We provide food for ourselves and children. We have two nice vehicles and a big back yard. The last thing we ever need to be doing is worrying about not having the new pair of Nike's that they just released. We should be thanking God for the life he has allowed us to live. And than thank him everyday for giving us one more day to live it.

  I have a lot of issues that I need to address. We are not perfect nor should be ever try to be. I wanted to start writing. I thought maybe this could help relieve some of the stress in my life and help me appreciate some of the little things a lot more. So, until next time.....