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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Santa Clause!!!

  I ended up getting a little busy the other day to write another post. And yesterday I was just stressing with life. But today is fresh. Today is a new day and also my husband's 26th birthday! So, if you get the chance to tell him, I am sure he would appreciate it!

  On to Santa! So, Saturday Santa came to town! Carson was so excited all day long. We practiced over and over again. "Carson, what would you like for Christmas?" Carson replies, "Presents." All morning long. I wanted to cram it into his head so he wouldn't forget. He wasn't going to forget. Anyone and everyone that asked him what he wanted, he always said presents. He knew it. He was ready for the big guy. When Aaron pulled into the driveway, I looked at Carson and he looked right back at me with a little twinkle in his eye. He knew it was time. It was finally time to meet this man that he had to be so good for. This man that Brady the Elf had been keeping notes for. We piled on all of our winter clothes because it was FREEZING outside. We walked out to the car and rehearsed what we were going to say to Santa. It was stuck in his head. He was ready. We pull up to Tubby's where Santa was at. As we hustled into the building and ran through the doors, Carson peeked his little head around the corner and there he was.....

   It was Santa! He looked at me and said in his precious little voice, "Santa Clause." The time has come. We took off all of our winter gear and slowly walked over to the short little line. He was nervous. One step after another. Closer and closer we got to this bearded man in a red suit. So close that we were next. As the baby in front of us was leaving Santa's lap, Carson looked at me. He was still nervous. But we practiced. we practiced over and over and over again. He knew it. He was ready. We slowly walked up each step. I picked Carson up and sat him on Santa's lap. He looked at me and slowly, very slowly turned his head towards Santa. Looked at his grey beard and red suit. Santa asks Carson, "What would you like for Christmas? Do you like trucks or cars or tractors?" Carson froze. Nothing. He was the little boy on the Christmas story all over again. I told him to say he wanted presents and he nodded. He was so nervous. But he did it. He didn't cry or refuse to sit on Santa's lap. He was my big boy and he took his picture and waved Bubye. I was very proud of him.

  As for Hudson. Anyone that knows this sweet little boy of mine knows that he is a people person. He is always happy and will smile at anyone. He is just to sweet and always seems to warm the heart of any single soul willing to smile at him. So we placed him on Santa's lap and he looked at him for a minute like, who are you? And what is that thing on your face? But we got him to quit staring and look at us to snap this beauty!
  So, Santa was a hit. And we can not wait for Christmas Eve to get here to finally put out cookies and milk for him. Although, it may take some negotiating with Carson to not eat them himself. Until tomorrow.....
Had to show you the naughty trick that Brady the Elf pulled the other morning.