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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My little Project

So I decided to do a little project i found on Pinterest. You can follow me here on Pinterest if you would like! I needed some storage room for my craft room i am creating..
First i got an extra piece of board from the trim Aaron was putting up.

Then you need a hose clamp. You can get these at Menards for a dollar a piece.

Then as many mason jars as you would like for the board. I got these from a great co-worker of mine! Thanks Barb!

You screw the hose clamps to the board.

Then screw on the jars to the hose clamps and as my son's daycare lady always says TADA!

Now i have a place for all my little things laying around :) maybe i could decorate the board and spray paint the jars! Endless possibilities!

Trim time Baby~

Well we finally got to finishing the trim!! I have been waiting to do this since we put the new floor in but we decided to wait until we decided what to do with the walls. So here you are! Presenting our new trim :)
That is the door into the spare bedroom. Well, it's missing a door which we hope to get this weekend :)

The front entry door next to our closet which we are going to make into a little seating area!

The boss.

and a close up the trim :) the boss does good work!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Home Sweet Home.

We finally got to painting our paneling.  We had alot of people tell us not to paint the paneling dark but Aaron and I really liked the color. My father in law said, well it isn't the choice i would go because i dont like that "rustic" look.  I sat there and smiled and just said Thanks because that is exactly what we were going for, was a rustic look!! Here are the befores...

We taped our paint swatches on the wall to figure out which one we really liked.
and after....

we need a new door so don't mind the curtain that the owner before us left us :)

our living room...

carson <3

dining room. with our table we bought from an ad! you will NEVER find wood this sturdy with new tables.
and our little hallway. :)

Bathroom Update.

I said I would put up a picture of our bathroom after we put up our 15 dollar mirror :)
Here is our window...even though I HATE windows in bathrooms...and our dual flusher we need to install by the toilet! It saves about 2000 gallons of water a month and $100dollars on water a year per toilet!

We still need some more decor but for now, it works :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Taking out the old Bathroom Floor!

We decided that it was time to take out the old bathroom floor. And behold, we find not one not two but THREE layers of flooring that needed to be scraped up! So Aaron began the scraping process...
Not so fun..

And this is what was under all those tiles...gross wood floor
After we Aaron got everything cleaned out and I vacuumed the bathroom we got to lay the floor. Carson decided he wanted to help dad.
He is a good helper!

I will have to get a final picture of our updated bathroom along with the mirrors and decor!

Putting in Laminate floors yourself!

My husband and father in law decided to tackle this project! First we had to take out ALL the old floor! Here is a few pictures of the original flooring!
This would be our living room and dining room!

Here is our living room and part of the kitchen.
This is our dining room, and our little peanut when we first moved into our house.

And this is looking into our tiny kitchen. They spent a couple weeks on finishing the floor and I wish we would have thought about doing step by step instructions for everyone that would have liked to learn how it was done but here is the finished project!

The dining room. We cut to fit that piece of flooring too for in front of the door.

this is part of the dining room as well!

Our little table and our freshly painted wall with the sign my daddy made for us.
And our kitchen.
And our living room, with the little peanut again :) I would say they did a pretty good job!!

Removing the old medicine Cabinets!

Our medicine cabinets were quite the eyesore.  It was time for them to go and to finally see what was behind them! So what we thought was going to be a lounging around until the wedding we had to go to kind of Saturday, it turned into home improvement until we go to the wedding kind of Saturday! And the fun began with Aaron taking down the cabinet!
Barf. I know!

Here he is, getting stuck taking down the cabinet! And what was behind them...

So after a good solid wash and finding where the old electrical cord led to, I finally go to paint the little rectangle spot that was bare. And this was the finished look! I found a mirror from Menards that was only $14.99 and but that up with a couple white frames. I will have to take pictures of that today and get them up here!!

The paint is still wet but you get the point. I will make sure to get a picture up very soon of the new mirror!

The not so pretty "Under the Sink" project!

Well, I have been looking underneith our sink for many months now and every single time I can not get over how unorganized it was and the ugly wallpaper that was used for the base to cover up the not so pretty wood. I thought maybe I should paint it......

Here is the before picture.
See...not so pretty and VERY unorganized! So I cleaned all the junk out of the cupboard..

And I was left with nasty wallpaper and stains everywhere! After a little paint and tossing somejunk i didn't need, this was the final result...

I reused Carson's valentines box he got from daycare to hold our plastic bags! And TADA! Not to shabby. This will due until our new cabinets next year!

Do It YourselFERS!

Our family has decided to create a blog for all the do-it-yourselfers out there!  Aaron and I (nicole) bought an older house to fix er up. And we want to do it all ourselves, and with the help of our parents when we need it ;). We have both always been the clearance shoppers and both have a hard time always asking for help. Plus, why would we want to spend the hundreds of dollars to hire someone to do something we can figure out ourselves! I wish we would have started this blog when we first moved into our house but it hasn't even been a year so I can try and catch everyone up with what we have done tried to get done!