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Friday, May 9, 2014

A house full of boys

I first want to bring up my decision to leave Facebook. The only reason why I am holding on is because I am trying to save all my pictures to my computer. This was such a huge reason I didn't want to leave Facebook and when you have over 1000 pictures, it takes awhile )): But if you would like to continue to follow my little family and all of our home improvements, you can follow me on our blog! I will be sure to post to here every day and hope to see some comments from my friends! Don't forget to drop in a text/phone call/ letter every once in a while.

Anyway, a house full of boys. The only females I have in the house are my two dogs. So Aaron has taught the boys how to tackle him and jump on him when he isn't paying attention, so in turn, I get to experience all the wonderful rough housing, too. After being kicked off the couch by the only female I share the actual house with, thanks Chassis, I lay on the floor cuddled up in a warm blanket resting on a fluffy pillow enjoying a little ESPN when all of a sudden, 30 pounds comes barreling into me almost knocking all the wind out of me. I peek over to see what kind of monster just decided to barrel into me and I see Hudson standing looking down on me, Carson laying on top of me and Aaron laughing in the corner. This my friends, is my life.

I often wonder if men err little boys, ever get full. I will make a nice breakfast for the family only getting to eat mine cold and usually only half of it because one of the boys is eyeing it down like it may inch its way towards their plate. And so I give the single, I tell them I am full and within seconds, SECONDS, it's gone. Thirty minutes pass by, "What's for lunch?". Ugh, I am pretty sure you all just ate 2 breakfasts and are now worrying about lunch. I can not even imagine what these boys will be like in 10 years. This is why, and it's only occasionally, (occasionally being every day), do I hide in the bathroom with some sort of snack that I indulge myself into without a care in the world. Is it peaceful? No, because I have every child pounding on the door asking if I am done yet or a husband asking where the remote is. My only time to have peace and quite is literally, 10 minutes after lunch. There I may grab a blanket, lay down on the couch, perhaps shut my eyes for 2 seconds and hear a blood curdling scream! Well, I'm up!

I say this all with a smile on my face. I say this with my hair knotted and thrown into a ponytail for the last 2 days. I say this looking a little like death with no makeup on, just the moisturizer I applied in the morning. I say this with big holes in my jeans and I am probably wearing black pants and a blue shirt, which I hear is breaking all sorts of fashion rules. My back hurts and my feet are callused. my finger nails are clipped down to the skin. I wear glasses and only my wedding ring. I probably have poop wiped on me somewhere and peanut butter in my hair. I am tired and probably show it. I have lost more than 75% of my friends after having kids.

I am a mom. I am happy. I would do anything, and I mean ANYTHING for my family. I would give up anything I had to put another smile on their faces. And becoming a mom, I have realized the things that my mom had done for me and the reasoning to why she could never buy something nice for herself. I would much rather spend any amount of money on all my boys instead of something on myself. I teach my kids to say please and thank you for everything. I teach them to pray at night for the ones they love and in the morning for God giving them one more day. I have been through potty training and teeth brushing. For the next 20 or so years, I will deal with loud farts and grinning to find out who's it was. I will deal with dirty fingernails and arms full of fake tattoos. I will deal with trucks laying around the house and zero sense of pain. I will deal with tears and heartbreak. But at the end of the day, I deal with a whole lot of love. And everything that I have ever given up for these boys, is worth it. My heart is so full of love. And so is theirs.

So after I delete Facebook, those 25% of my friends that remain, well, it will probably drop down to 10%. And that's okay. Because I have never been more happy in my entire life. Until tomorrow...
P.S. I am going to try and talk the hubby into making our closet into a pantry this weekend! Stay tuned Monday to see if it gets done (;