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Saturday, June 9, 2012

No Sugar for this lady!!

       So i promised you an article on my no sugar life.  Let me tell you what, it is hard.  The first 3 days were the hardest days by far.  We have cookies and ice cream and any other kind of sugary treat you can find in our house.  I wasn't going to get rid of them and make my husband live this life too because that isn't fair if he doesn't want to do it.  So every morning so far my breakfast has consisted of grapes and strawberries, which are great but you get sick of them after eating them every day for 7 days (which I'm on now).  Many days i almost caved in.  Days i was sitting at the computer desk saying to myself, well i might as well tell everyone I'm going to fail because i want to have ice cream with my son and husband!
     For any one that has quit smoking, you know an addiction is hard but this is life. Life because everything has sugar in it! My co-workers decided we should go out to eat at Subway for lunch one day and i looked on the ingredient guide and noticed every single bread had sugar in it. WTH right?  Now what, no subway for the rest of my life right? Well, I am willing to give spinach a try and hopefully i can have salads from now on!
     There are some chips that don't have sugar in it and other little snacks that tend to keep me going throughout the day.  But working at a bank, I have a container full of suckers sitting in front of my eyes.  Just makes me stronger when i have to be around it forever!! You can always politely ask the fella next to you to not smoke around you but how do you ask 300 people at a wedding dance to not eat cake around you? Eh, you don't so this is why this is one tough adventure to embark upon.  I didn't think I could do this with all the snacks i couldn't eat.  Oh but wait!! My best friend Katie introduced me to this website.  I call it a life saver!  I have no doubt in my mind that I can't do this anymore.  Just take a look at some of these delicious desserts and you will never go back!!
Mother’s Day Yes those are cake batter pancakes! And guess what? They are good for you? Ugh, who doesn't want to eat chocolate cake batter for breakfast? So, I am here to help anyone who is wanting to do this lifestyle with me!  I encourage it to everyone! It's not easy.  But most things that become a lifestyle aren't always easy.  You wouldn't expect loosing 15 pounds would be easy right?  So, join the band waggon and do this for your body with me. I am here to support you all!  Together we can help change lives together!! You can ask me any questions you might have :))