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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Money Saving Ideas!

So I just basically wanted to share with you all my money saving ideas that I have been doing.  Our original city bill, (which included water usage, electricity etc.) was always around $140 a month.  I decided to try and get it lower and quickly realized how easy it was. Our next bill we got in the mail was $104! In one of my older posts, I had mentioned buying Energy Saving Light bulbs.

**We Put these in all the lights that we have including the garage and the hood above the stove.  We always turned off lights in the house except for the one room we were in.  You don't really realize how much electricity you use when a light switch is turned on especially when it's a 60 watt light bulb! So all our light bulbs are now 13 watt usage.

**The next thing I decided to do was take advantage of the clothes line in the back yard.  I decided to only use the dryer one time the whole week. And that doesn't mean one day out of the whole week, just one time.  The only time i used it was for socks and underwear.  That really cut back the usage in our house.  I just have to figure out what I am going to do this winter!

**We went and got a rain barrel from my father in law and we hooked it up to the rain gutter so it would collect rain from the roof then i wouldn't have to use our house water to water my garden (which is another money saving idea, a garden).  I often visit online flea markets and garage sales to find items that I could reuse in my house.  Picture frames are a great one that you can just spray paint any color you would like.  Same thing goes with old furniture.  Just like my end tables in our bedroom and the chair i refinished.

I am not ashamed to say that i do everything to save money.  The more money we can put away for something we really want one day the better.  Like this next January, we plan on putting in all new cabinets and appliances in the kitchen! So we will make sure you keep you up to date with that! 

**I recently got rid of all the chemicals in our house and switched to just vinegar to clean everything with.  You would be surprised by everything you can clean with it.  Its just crazy.  Plus, saving money on all those nasty chemicals you have in your house that could harm a baby or animal that got into them!  I am currently trying to de-clutter our house and not make it look like a daycare with toys laying everywhere!  Anywhoo-

**I plan to dig out my bike this week and bring Carson to daycare and myself to work. BOOM, saving money on gas now plus it's a great workout!

When I come up with more money saving ideas, (like once i figure out this huge coupon saving thing), I will let you know everything! Plus anything to help out the environment is better also.  So ta ta for now!