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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Room Remodel

Well, I got sick of the brown in our room and I really wanted a room that we could go into and feel comfortable.  I didn't get that feeling with ours.  It was getting there but I didn't get that wow feeling. So I thought I would try a new color. For some reason I LOVE yellow black and grey together. I saw this color scheme together and fell head over heals for it.

I wanted to be able to feel like when I got home from work, this is exactly where I wanted to go to relax. Brown was just to dark for me. So here is our room before..

It was even filled with our old box t.v. (which is for sale by the way!!, need to get rid of it) and Carson's stuff from when he wasn't sleeping through the night! With a little paint and clean up, this is the after...

Aaron and I made the Mr. and Mrs. signs out of old barn wood! If you would like any signs let us know and we can make some for you as well! The black chair sitting there is the one sitting outside in this picture....

I just re-painted it and put new fabric on the seat and Wall-Ah! I Also found an old wooden ladder and repainted it white so i can hang blankets on it! We bought some old wooden side tables as well and re-painted them yellow to go with our room!
 I am really starting to Love this room. Next on the list it to redo the ceiling and put new sheet rock up. Then new carpet and I think our room Might be complete! Fingers Crossed...