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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meet the Family!

Well I would love for you to meet our little family and what a better way to do it then on the Kappes Blog!! So ladies and gentleman, without further ado, I give you the Kappes Family!

This is our little family the summer of 2011. We were getting ready to go to the Minnesota Twins game. We are huge fans so we try to get to a lot of regular season games throughout the summer. Carson got to stay home with his grandparents that day while we watched the Twins more then likely lose win the game! Go Twins!

This is Aaron Kappes. He Loves baseball and really sports in general. He is a pitcher and center fielder.  His brother Andy and him created an amateur baseball team last summer called the Fertile Bees.  Everyone needs to get out and watch one of their games this summer! They need all the fans they can get.  Anywhoo...Aaron is 24 years old and from Ada, MN. Yes, that is the very first town in the alphabet in Minnesota.  He was born and raised here, literally. He was one of the last babies born in Ada.  He graduated high school and went to NDSCS for welding where he now works for Trail King in West Fargo.  He is the lead welder with his brother being his supervisor. He loves to spend time with Carson and make him laugh. Aaron is a hardworking, family oriented guy who will do anything for any body. 

This is me and my best friend Katie. I am on the right. I love to spend time with my family, blog and especially take pictures! I love to photograph anything! Check out some of my work here .  I am an out doors kind of girl. I like to watch baseball and be in the lake. I love fishing and boating and have been spending my nice days planting my garden this summer! You will usually find me either making something myself or finding more ways to save money!  I am all about DIYing and am willing to share it with everyone else.  I am from Miltona, MN and graduated high school in Parkers Prairie.  I went to school at Josef's School of Hair Design . I currently work at Bank of the West and love my job! I would love to open my own daycare one day but who knows! Well that's me in a nutshell!

Carson Aaron is 1 year old today (as you read in an older post today).  He loves spending time with his mommy and daddy and loves being outside.  His favorite toy is his John Deere tractor! He loves puppies and eating! Carson is the best son we could ever ask for and is so loving towards his family. I can't wait for another year full of joy and happiness with this little peanut!

This is Chassis Kappes! She is 3 years old now but this is when we got her.  She loves treats and dancing.  She loves to play catch and guard the house during the day.  She is a great watch dog and friend to us all! She sleeps with us every night and loves to play with other dogs!