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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Removing the old medicine Cabinets!

Our medicine cabinets were quite the eyesore.  It was time for them to go and to finally see what was behind them! So what we thought was going to be a lounging around until the wedding we had to go to kind of Saturday, it turned into home improvement until we go to the wedding kind of Saturday! And the fun began with Aaron taking down the cabinet!
Barf. I know!

Here he is, getting stuck taking down the cabinet! And what was behind them...

So after a good solid wash and finding where the old electrical cord led to, I finally go to paint the little rectangle spot that was bare. And this was the finished look! I found a mirror from Menards that was only $14.99 and but that up with a couple white frames. I will have to take pictures of that today and get them up here!!

The paint is still wet but you get the point. I will make sure to get a picture up very soon of the new mirror!