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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mason Time.

Here are a few more things i decided to do with my mason jars!
This is our new table runner and center decor! I cut a strip of burlap and used that has a table runner. I placed some mason jars on the table and stuck my flowers from my wedding with the vase they were in, into a mason jar! And those are our wedding flutes we had as well.

I also made a little date jar for Aaron and I. We are always trying to think of ideas so I decided to think of 50 ideas and fold the paper and wrote on the back if we had to go to Fargo for the date, a summer date or an anytime date. I was pretty stoked for this and can't wait to use it!
I also just used them for decorations around the house.
There are a few of our mason jar uses. I am going to attempt to die the jars a blue color next. We also used some jars to hold cotton balls and Q tips in the bathroom!